Cavallum, 10 years.

Celebrate with us and join our shared production!

The wine-lamp box that revolutionized the world of design with up to 70% discount.

Pre-order it now for your company for this Christmas.

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Campaign in solidarity with Oxfam Intermon.

Until the 10th of October.


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objective 10.000 Cavallums


A unique design at your fingertips through a shared production.

The iconic wine box that becomes a lamp turns 10 and we are celebrating it in style. Cavallum is the first packaging with a second life in the world. It is present in several countries and has been awarded the main design and innovation prizes. It is a unique, elegant and impressive corporate gift.


How does our shared production work?

You will be able to pre-order a Cavallum only between July and September at a reduced price – with up to 70% discount! – because we are all getting together towards a single goal: to produce 10,000 units together. We have until the 30th of September to receive all pre-orders and then get going with the production. In November, all the production is going to be ready. At Christmas, 10,000 Cavallums will have a new home.  So join our production! Together we will have the best price ever.

Your brand goes to the next level with Cavallum.

We bet on companies aligned with sustainability and innovation and we add the element that gives meaning to everything – emotion. Tati Guimarães, our creative soul, designed Cavallum to fulfil its marketing objective but also to evoke a reflection and an emotion. Today, in 2019, that combination is more alive than ever.

Cavallum is the perfect Christmas gift to carry out branding in a surprising way. When Cavallumt is customized for a company, it creates a powerful brand presence because it extends the useful life of the design in the home, making the brand be remembered through an original product.

Albert Martínez Siles

Former Communication and Image Director of Hera Group
The company that commissioned in 2009 a Christmas gift for its customers, giving rise to Cavallum.

“Cavallum for Hera was a differentiating design from scratch, apart from being unique, it fulfilled a criteria of sustainability and minimum waste, connecting perfectly with the values of our company”.

“Many clients asked us if we had any Cavallum left, even without the bottle, that they wanted them for their bedside tables. When a corporate gift is part of the daily life of your clients, it means that it has worked and if you have also been able to convey a message of sustainability and values, the project has worked. It fulfilled its objective perfectly.”

Bet on a design that moves.

Cavallum unique.

When something moves us, it touches our soul and it wins in simplicity. The message is immediate and lasting. Cavallum conveys excitement and sensitivity because emotion is the basis of its creation.



Chosen as one of the 9 most innovative products in the world by
Global Innovation Report 2009 for being the first packaging in the world with a second life. Inspired by the Cavallum, a whole generation of packagings with “second life” was born.


100% cyclical.

Cavallum goes beyond recycling, it is a 100% sustainable product: it respects the
environment, optimizes resources to the maximum and takes into account its entire life cycle. 70% of the packaging becomes a lamp and 95% of its components are 100% biodegradable.


Emotion and experience.

Cavallum goes beyond functionality. Interacts with the user, excites and promotes a unique experience through its design.


Always contemporary.

Cavallum lingers in time. His concept is so powerful that, over the years, it continues to delight and breathe freshness and elegance.


Social transformation.

Cavallum promotes sustainability through creativity to cause a new way of thinking and acting of people.

Bet on a design that respects the environment.

Cavallum is 100% sustainable.

Thinking about the environment is not a trend, it is an attitude of respect towards ourselves. Ecodesign projects significantly reduce the impact on the environment. When we designed the Cavallum, the choice of materials was based on sustainable criteria, adjusting to the functionality, durability, elegance of the product and, also prolonging its useful life.

Packaging with a second life: 70% of the box becomes a new product, a table lamp.

Optimization of natural resources, materials and production processes.

Certified wood, of proximity and controlled repopulation.

100% recycled and recyclable cardboard.

-based glue and ink.

Handle made of 100% natural cotton.

Designed and manufactured in Spain.

Compatible materials to ease its recyclability.



95% of its components are 100% biodegradable.

Free of toxins.

Solidarity goes with sustainability.

Not only do we win. If we achieve our goal of orders, we will donate 5% of our
campaign to an entity committed to making the world more sustainable. We will
share more details with you later.

Ciclus and Tati Guimarães.

Tati is a pioneer in Ecodesign with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. Her products go beyond functionality creating an emotional bond with the users. Her products are recognized worldwide, as Bakus, a best seller in the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York). In addition, with her creative lab: Ciclus, founded in Barcelona in 2001, she has helped companies from all sectors to navigate the universe of sustainability in creative ways: generating a change of mentality and providing her clients with unique values through designs like “emotional sustainability” and “packaging with a second life”. Among its clients are Heineken, Benetton and Fundació Joan Miró.


Company Pack.

Cavallum SIMPLE

pre-orders from
50 to 499 units.

optional: personalization
optional: handling of the wine bottle in the box.
optional: shipping – request a quote.

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pre-orders from
500 a 999 units.

+handling of the wine bottle in the box included.
optional: personalization
optional: shipping – request a quote.

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Cavallum PREMIUM

from 1.000 units.

+handling of the wine bottle in the box included.
+personalization of the wooden case included.
optional: shipping – request a quote.

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Special price for individuals.

For individuals
42€ 18€

Fixed price. Price per unit.Not possible to personalize nor include a bottle. Shipping quoted separately. Only 50 units available.

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Download PDF with info

Cavallum measures (mm):

Bottle and light bulb NOT included.

Designed by Tati Guimarães, 2008 –
©All rights reserved.
Recommendation use a compact energy saving bulb with small screw (standard EU – 220V)
Includes connection cable (standard EU – 220V) On the back of the packaging, instructions are printed explaining how to turn the wine box into a table lamp.
Weight without bottle 630g
Total external size (width x height x depth) 100 x 398 x 107
Maximum bottle size of laser personalizatio (diameter x height) 85 x 320
Maximum size of laser personalization (width x height) 70 x 35
Materials Certified birch wood and 100% recycled cardboard.


Is the wine included?


Can the Cavallum be delivered with the wine included?

Yes, as long as the client sent us the wine bottles. Up to 499 units, the manipulation of the wine in the box is paid separately (see prices in the packs). From 500 units, the manipulation of the wine in the box is included.

Is the bulb included?
What type of bulb fits in the Cavallum?

Compact bulb of small thread. We recommend it be of low consumption.

What is the connection system of the cables?

The system is the European standard
(EU), 220V. In case you want a standard from another region, contact us.

What is the weight of Cavallum?

630g without the bottle and without bulb

Is Cavallum assembled or disassembled?

It will come assembled.

Is the customization included?

Yes, for the Company Pack 3. Starting from 1,000 units.

What kind of customization can be done?
Laser printing of any graphic element up to 70mm (width) x 35mm (height)
What is the maximum size of the bottle?

Cavallum can carry any bottle as long as it measures 85mm (diameter) x 320mm (height) tops.

Is the shipping included

The shipping is NOT included. When you make your reservation, you must request a shipping quote that we will send you as soon as possible. You can also handle the shipping with your preferred shipping company.

Pre-order your Cavallum.


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